Algona, Iowa

Algona is located along the East Fork Des Moines River and was founded in 1854 by two brothers, Ambrose and Asa Call. Algona is a progressive city that works hard to retain and expand the existing businesses while attracting new.


Algona was the location of a German prisoner of war camp during World War II. From 1943 to 1946. The Algona Camp held nearly 10,000 prisoners, many of whom were put to work on farms that had family fighting overseas. As a main camp Algona had numerous sub-camps with a couple dozen in Minnesota. A POW museum in Algona now commemorates the camp's history including a nativity scene.

Algona is known for many of their attractions such as Water’s Edge Nature Center, Kossuth County Historical Society, Kossuth County Agriculture & Motorsports Museum, POW Museum and Smith Lake, a public recreation area. Named after the founder of Algona the Ambrose A. Call State Park.